It's a food donation service called Pātaka Kai, a community initiative borne out of a desire to help struggling families.

The first Pātaka Kai was established four weeks ago, and similar posts are popping up all over the country.

Mia King is one of the Pātaka kaitiaki that initiated the Pātaka movement in South Auckland and says it's now inspired people all around the world to do the same

"Some people are viewing it from South Africa who would love to start the movement." 

She also says that it's only a small part of what it can be. 

"As a team, as a collective and with making incremental steps in the infrastructure that's already missing, we're able to plug the gaps fast. 

"This Pātaka movement has gone really fast and this is only a tiny step of the vision that we have for empowering the rest of the country."

It's that positive energy that doesn't hold people like King back and she says her main objective is to empower the community.