Encouraging statistics have just been released from one of our top universities.

The University of Otago which specialises in health and medicine sciences has reported a 10% increase in Māori student enrolments.

Māori Communications Advisor Matiu Workman says Māori student intake is increasing at Otago University.

“It’s a milestone for the university 2000 practically means that were up to around about 12% of our domestic enrolments here been Māori.”

Enrolment figures there are now more than 17,000 full-time equivalent students at the University, 320 more than the same time last year, with a 10% increase in the number of new Māori students.

“That’s a massive milestone for us but it's not the end of the road we want to get towards population parity which is around 15%.”

Māori students have reached population parity for admissions into medicine, the University's most competitive undergraduate programme.

“For our tauira, it’s also a sign that they actually can look beyond things like physical education and Māori language programmes to give you an example I think we had 78 health science students back in 2010 we now have 250.”

While Otago University has been labelled by some as the 'go-to' University for Māori and numbers have continued to climb over the last decade.

It’s expected that Māori students will reach the 2000 mark later this year.