Nurses have voted to reject the latest pay offer from the country’s district health boards (DHBs).

Despite the latest pay offer being upped by a half billion, the 30,000 members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) have turned down the offer, and are calling for an urgent mediation.

Spokesperson Cee Payne says the nurses are planning to strike.

“This is not a decision that NZNO members have made lightly. The strikes are proposed to take place on Thursday the 5th and Thursday the 12th of July.”

Kerri Nuku, NZNO kaiwhakahere, says for the nurses, it’s about uniting and taking a professional stand.

“This is about nurses coming together collaboratively, making a stand for the profession, and for Māori nurses who work in Māori and iwi provider groups; they've been for a long time underfunded.

"So this professional stand we are hoping will have positive consequences for them and their campaign to get equity with DHB nurses.”

She also says a decision has been made that reflects the position nurses are taking in regards to how they should be paid and treated.