William Mahutoto is the national champion at karate for his age, he's not set his sights on international competition but there are still hurdles to overcome to get there.

Mahutoto started karate four years ago and his coach Rhendy Visser says perseverance and hard work, got him to the top of the sport here in New Zealand.

“He's got that drive when he focuses on it; he just goes and goes and goes until he achieves it. If I were to say 'oh William can you step up and you can train these adults, show them how to do stuff. They all listen to him because they know that he's better than they are and that he's got that experience and that he can do it.”

Now, The World Friendship Games in Japan is his number one priority but Visser says there is still a big mountain to climb.

“Finding the money to go is not cheap to go to Japan. We're just going for a week. That's been quite a challenge for them.”

His family is organizing fundraising opportunities.

And Mahutoto says should he compete in Japan, he will give it his all.

“I love it because I get to meet new people and make new friends. It'll be a great experience for me and I get to fight other kids and do my kata.”

The competition starts on the 21st of April.