Based on a true New Zealand story, new film 'Broken' is tipped to gain wide support from Kiwis when it hits cinemas today.

Josh Calles is the lead actor; he plays a gang leader which is a very different role to his actual job as a police officer in Ruatoria.

“Have a flair for performing and so to be able to showcase some of our landscapes and our faces even though the movie isn't about Gisborne or is not on the coast, it's definitely a movie that highlights the unique aspects of not only New Zealand but us Māori and not only Māori but more specifically the Tai Rāwhiti.”

According to the Director, Tarry Mortlock, although it is not a Māori film there are many Māori customs seen in the film and many Māori who feature.

”I wanted to represent the actors well. I wanted to represent the people of Tai Rāwhiti well and of course Māori well and so all the way through it we were very careful to consult and talk with the right people to make sure that what we were doing worked for the culture as well as, you know, the movie.”

The film was funded by City Impact Church and is released in cinemas around the country today.