Yesterday saw nurses walk off of their jobs with strikes taking place in cities all over the country. 

Although the majority of nurses were outside on strike, Nurses Organisation Kerri Nuku says the patients were still being cared for.

"I'm sure they'll be pretty much doing the best that they can for the patient care. There is a limited amount of staff in there and our hearts go out to those ones who've had to come back in and provide that support."

Nurses have rejected the latest DHB pay offer because they say it was inadequate.

However, acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says the government tried to meet their demands.

"We doubled the offer we took it to half a billion dollars - that's 500 more nurses and changed the pay scale in terms of promotion and that's the best we can doing six months in one budget."

Nuku also says the community is on their side.

"We've always been apprehensive about how this message comes across to the public because we do have public safety first and foremost to everything that we do, so it's really reassuring when we have public support and support from other colleagues and nurses."

She adds that almost 2000 of the nurses on strike are Māori who are standing in solidarity with their colleagues.

The strike is scheduled to end at 7 am this morning, only time will tell how effective it was.