A game hasn't been played yet in the ANZ Premiership but already the two Māori coaches of the Northern Stars are juggling the team roster.

According to coach Kiri Wills, despite several key players having been called up for Silver Ferns duty, it’s business as usual.

“Everyone has to manage that but with us, because we also have Ama, the England captain we get impacted on quite a bit. But we knew that coming in so we've planned for that so we try to maximise every single opportunity we have with them to make sure that when they hit the court with us, they remember who we are.”

Today was the first training back for assistant coach Temepara Bailey and it was left up to her to also fill in the void.

“I have to fill in those spaces; it's quite nice to actually run around with the girls. But really cool being amongst them and giving them a little bit of advice and direction out there so it's quite nice.”

Wills says she’s ecstatic that Bailey agreed to come on board.

“She's really important; she brings such a lot of knowledge and mana. She's just a good catch for me and we both are looking at the game in a very similar way, so we had a coffee and talked about what we would like to see in terms of netball and where we would like this team to go and what we would like it to represent and we are very much on the same page with that. “

On May 6th the Northern Stars will go against the Silvermoon Tactix for their first game in the ANZ Premiership.