By Te Karere

Ngāti Ranana Māori Club is an intrinsic part of the fabric of Kiwi life in London.

Established in 1958, Ngāti Ranana has become a refuge for Māori and Pākehā alike in the UK.

Pākehā man Chris Reynolds is one such person, “I think going back to 2003 when I was invited to a hangi at Hinemihi. A friend of mine was a kiwi and she said come along and experience the Māori thing. I was hooked and blown away.”

It was also the kapa haka that blew him away, saying:  “It was the welcoming ceremony the pōwhiri the karanga and it was real hairs on the back of your neck and then Ngāti Ranana did their performance and I was completely wowed.”

From there, Reynolds caught the Ngāti Ranana bug. “All my friends are all part of Ngāti Ranana and I enjoy spending time here at the club doing performances and I also head up the mau rākau group here, Maramara Totara.”

Throughout the years, Ngāti Ranana has been the face of Māori on the world stage. For Darryl Thompson, though it has been a wakeup call.

 “It’s not just Tūwharetoa or Tūhoe, there are people from all rōpū, from all iwi. I moved to London through my wife’s job and reconnecting with my Māori side has been unbelievable.”

Ngāti Ranana it seems is in safe hands to continue on in the future.