Members of Ngāti Paoa are occupying Hato Petera College, a North Shore school that is facing imminent closure.

Protesters say the iwi, Ngāti Paoa, did a tuku whenua to the Catholic Church to establish a school for Māori education.

Occupier spokesperson Reti Boynton says it should be returned if the land is no longer being used for that purpose.

"Kere Mita Ngahuripoke joined the church and then his name was changed to Clemence Peters. We are direct descendants to him. The last person that made the last gift here - we want our whenua back."

However, according to Boynton, it seems circumstances on what's happening on the land have changed as of late. 

"If you have a look around all these shops and businesses within these 376 acres, they basically do not educate Māori and they've actually forfeited the deal left right and centre."

The prime Northcote location is valued at $52,892,000 but protester Dre Rahipere says it's all about educating the next generation.

"Were going to be here as long as it takes - the first agreement has been broken for the education of Māori and now it's time to give the whenua back."

The Catholic Church and the Minister of Education did not consent to talk about this until after their final meeting today regarding the future of the school.