Demand for food parcels and methamphetamine is on the rise - these were two of the key findings in a Salvation Army report titled ‘State of the Nation’ released yesterday.

Ian Hutson, the Director of The Salvation Army says the new report highlights woes that are already known.

“Some of them aren't revelations, that we've known them, but it's just the continual concern.”

The report covers five key areas over the past the years which are our children, crime and punishment, work and income, social hazards and housing.

Hutson also says Māori are greatly impacted by many of these issues.

“I think Māori are impacted by all those things I've talked about, housing, and child poverty and prison rates. And we think people really need to work hard on those areas. I do think that Māori often has the same issues that everyone else does but there’s another layer of sometimes, dear I say it racism or bias that sometimes they feel the impact just that more than anybody else.”

He also adds NZ's prison population continues to break records and last year imprisonment rate for Māori had the highest rate on record.

“There's no surprise there that disappointingly we continue to see the prison rates going up.”

Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis is aiming to change these numbers.

“The previous Government took a punitive approach, this government is focused on solutions so they don’t keep reoffending and end up in jail.”

From this Salvation Army report, the government wants to improve the state of the nation and time will tell whether we may see this come to fruition.