Television presenter, producer and journalist Miriama Kamo can now add author to her list of skills.

She's written a children's book about Matariki called The Stolen Stars of Matariki which she says was inspired by her upbringing.

“This book is a story about Matariki and what I wanted to do was tell a story that was familiar to me and told the story really of my own childhood with my parents and the way we grew up going eeling down in Te Mata Hapuku.”

Kamo also says the stolen stars of Matariki explore the debate between the Matariki constellation being a cluster of nine and also seven.

“The patupaiarehe steal two of the stars from the nine-star cluster, and then there seven stars up there so that was just a fun way to try and give a story or a version on how that debate came about.”

She hopes this book will not only bring happiness and uplift Matariki but also highlight issues relating to Lake Wairewa.

“What I wanted to do with this book is bring some attention to that lake and the happenings they have done alongside Environment Canterbury and the council to solve those issues. It’s a lake that cannot be allowed to die.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book is donated to the restoration of the Te Roto o Wairewa (Lake Forsyth) which features in the book.