National Party leader Simon Bridges is over the moon about the latest Colmar Brunton 1News Poll which shows National ahead in the popularity poll at 45%, with Labour remaining sitting on 43%.

“I'm credibly buoyed by the results actually. I think what you've got here is a National Party that's up. You know it's very unusual to see a government this early on that is behind the major opposition party.”

The Labour Party’s coalition partners, NZ First and the Greens have experienced drops according to the latest poll. Greens have gone down 1 percentage point to 5%, while New Zealand First has dipped to 4%.

National's Māori Issues spokesman, Tutehounuku ‘Nuk’ Korako, says the poll points to unease in the community.

“It's really unusual for a new government to be behind at this point. I think that reflects the way that this coalition government was put together. Another thing is that when you look at the New Zealand public they're very worried about the plans that this coalition government has got around our economy.”

Despite all of this, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern isn’t perturbed.

“Polls bounce around I'm happy to see that we've got so steady support still for this coalition government.”

Korako alleges the poll shows it's a thumbs down to the budget which Labour over promised and has under-delivered.

“It didn't deliver for Māori. I mean it’s a real travesty there. I mean what they've done is that they've assimilated a lot of the Māori funding into general budget allocations and I think that's a huge worry.”

Commenting on New Zealand First’s drop to 4%, Korako says the poor result shows that voters have lost faith in them.

“When you look at it you have five percent and four percent. I think the New Zealand First constituents have actually left New Zealand First now because I think that they were very, very upset that Winston Peters actually went with Labour.”

Jacinda Ardern leads the way as preferred Prime Minister, with an increase of 4% to 41%.

Simon Bridges also experiencing an upsurge of 2%, landing on 12%.

Korako has this to say about the result.

“It's a marathon - not a sprint.”

Polls aside, one thing is clear, for National to form government, they need to find potential coalition partners to curry favour with.