He was a nominee for New Zealander of The Year on Thursday night, and while he wasn’t successful, Mike King has his mind set on a mission close to his heart.  

As part of the, I Am Hope campaign, Mike King and a few of his friends are taking to the road to change attitudes on child depression and suicide,

King remembers that when he was young, adults spoke and children listened, but King believes that needs to change.

“Our whole kaupapa is around making people aware that we can be more loving, we spend more time with our kids. We can still be strict; we can still be parents, but let’s spend more time with our taringa and less time with our yabba-yabba.”

King has long been a champion for mental health issues, which led him to be nominated for NZer of The Year, and he has heaps of ideas to help those who suffer from mental health issues.

“My generation have stopped listening. We think we know it all, we think we're doing a great job of - we never had any of this when I was a kid! No one had any of this when I was a kid! I didn't have any problems when I was a kid. That attitude needs to change.”

But King believes in walking the talk, so he's arranged a motorcycle tour of the country to raise awareness for the cause.

The bikes were donated by Suzuki and Harley Davidson and decorated by New Zealand artists in the hopes of getting the message out loud and clear.

25 days, 48 towns, seven talks, from Bluff to the north and back to Auckland where the bikes will be auctioned off the highest bidder.