By Te Karere

While the summer storm caused havoc overnight, MetService says the worst is still to come.

John Law of MetService says, “We still got more severe weather in place as we go through the rest of today and even through towards that first part of Saturday as well.”

While heavy rain will ease over the top half of the North Island - that won't be the case for the lower North Island, and the top of the South Island.

Law explains, “Now as we go through in towards the afternoon on Friday we’re going to find that rain running down towards us in Wellington and across the top of the South Island as well. We’ve got some more heavy rain in store for the eastern parts of the Bay of Plenty as we go through the rest of today.”

His advice for people wanting to climb Mt Taranaki, and those thinking about taking a hike across the Tongariro crossing, “as with any time you’re going to go out into the backcountry always check the latest forecast.’

He also has a warning for areas prone to flooding, “To date we’ve still got those heavy rain warnings for the likes of places like the eastern Bay of Plenty, and central parts of the North Island, and Taranaki and for Marlborough down in the South Island. As we go in through towards Saturday morning, strong southerly winds will bring up a fair bit of swell towards us in Wellington as well. So for around those southern coasts, we’re going to be keeping an eye out perhaps for some coastal inundation as well.”

The forecast for the cricket in Wellington tomorrow?

Law predicts, “It’s not the best weather for cricket it has to be said here in Wellington on Saturday. We’re going to be having a strong southerly wind through the day going to make it feel much cooler than it has been for the last couple of weeks.”