Methamphetamine is far more accessible than cannabis in New Zealand, according to a recent online survey. 

More than 50% of meth users say the drug is very easy to find while over a third say they can get a hold of it within twenty minutes. This is compared to just 14% of cannabis users. 

One expert says surprisingly meth use is a bigger issue in the regions and availability isn't the only reason people are resorting to the class A drug. 

Associate Proffestor Chris Wilkins from Massey University told Breakfast that there is a cost consideration. 

"A lot of the people that answered this survey really said 'well, I would use cannabis, but I'm just finding that not very available and meth is just so available and actually the price is going down'. So that may well be the case."

Experts say the evidence backs up calls for more addiction services for methamphetamine to rolled out in the regions.