Te Karere


The top Māori female footballers have arrived in Auckland ahead of an inaugural match against the aboriginal Australian team.

Brooke Wylie of Te Arawa says its honour to represent Māori on the international football pitch.

“It's an honour really because being of two cultures, split culture group, it's nice to be in touch with my Māori culture and represent not only the Māori environment but also Aotearoa.”

It is rare to see Māori playing football, Māori women especially.

Consequently, these athletes, including Ellie Golding of Ngāti Maniapoto, realise they are paving a new way for the next generation to follow.

“We start now and just keep it going then the next generation will have a good pathway for them to go along.”

Māoridom is an integral part of the teams and this Saturday they will take that with them when they face the Aboriginal Australian team.