A family is curing the cravings of homesick Māori living in Melbourne, one bag of bacon bones and loaf of rewana at a time. 

Kruisin Kiwi Katerers is a part-time hobby for May Railey and her whānau. 

It's Māori food on sale in Australia to Māori craving for a taste of home.  

During the week, May, her husband Mike, and their whole whānau is involved in preparing kai that's ordered via Facebook. 

But the goal of the business is to ensure the Māori palates get what they want, even in Melbourne. 

And Kruisin Kiwi Katerers has become a passion for the family who are all in on the family business, from nanny all the way to the grandchildren. 

And come Saturday, they're out in the Melbourne suburbs selling their wares.  

The business has been running for just over a year, but the whānau says that as long as people still want their kai, they'll keep selling.