Stop issuing liquor licences for South Auckland. That's the message from local Māori Wardens.

They claim South Auckland has three times the number of liquor stores than Central Auckland. 

Māori Wardens are putting up a fight against more liquor stores and bars opening in South Auckland because according to Warden Dave Ratu, the majority of the region is a strong Māori population.


"Mitigating the harmful effects of waipiro on our people is the primary reason why Māori Wardens were established in the first place."


The Māori Wardens of South Auckland have been fighting this fight for the last two years resulting in a bar getting stripped of its license in 2017.

Now, that same bar is in the process of renewing their license under a new name 'Hi Sport Bar'. 

Rātu has filed a claim to have a treaty clause put into the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.


"That needs to be determined by the High Court, we are waiting and looking forward to the day where we can appeal a decision, and if we fall flat than we will keep going up the chain."


They will object 'Hi Sport Bar' of renewing their license and there is a hearing on the 25th June to make the community aware of this issue.