Māori NZEI Union members are standing in solidarity with the rest of their primary teacher colleagues going on strike.

Primary teachers and principals have voted to strike on August 15th after pay negotiations broke down.

Laures Park from NZEI Te Riu Roa says even kura kaupapa teachers are supporting them. 

"A large proportion is saying to us, this is a difficult decision for us but when I think about the stats that are coming out and the turn out that we're having - yes we are concerned about the mokopuna but actually it's time to do this."

NZEI President Lynda Stuart says the teachers' union NZEI has been seeking an immediate 16% pay rise and improved working conditions.

"Teachers are saying that they're finding the job harder and harder, and I hate hearing that because I absolutely love what I've done. I've loved what I've done as a teacher and as a principle, so what they're finding is the workload is unsustainable."

Chris Hipkins, the Education Minister's excuse of blaming the previous government is starting wear thin on Laures Park who says the government must take a stand.

"You've got the opportunity now to make a change so that in the next nine years we don't have people looking back and saying - did that person make a change?"

But Hipkins says he's aware those concerns, however, each issue will be addressed in time.

"The government's committed to addressing all of those things but as we've been very clear we can't do everything all at once."

NZEI and the Ministry of Education are in mediation over collective agreement negotiations.