A new Māori interactive gaming application has launched.

Guardian is a game driven by a strong Māori female character called Māia who was designed to educate the users around confidence when it comes to good decision making.

Creator Maru Nihoniho says the world is evolving as are technical resources to adapt our language and our culture to modern day.

“We have our stories in books and television and film, so why not gaming?

“I thought what a great way to highlight our culture and our language than to put it on an interactive platform.”

Nihoniho says the decision to make the main character Māori came from the inspirational woman around her.

“Growing up, I always saw strong females in my life that helped support me and gave me confidence, so it was just a natural choice to choose a female character.”

The application was launched by Metia Interactive and made with the support and funding of the New Zealand Film Commission.

There are three episodes in total.

She also adds that they are currently working on translating the entire game into te reo Māori.

”Our next stage would be to translate the game into te reo Māori in full.

“We may be able to get it into other languages across the world, but for the moment it will just be in English and te reo.”

The second episode is set to launch at the end of the year.