Melbourne is a metropolitan city that's become home to many Māori, but there's a lack of reo and tikanga Māori unless you head out to small communities like Cranbourne where Māori culture is alive and well. 

In the Melbourne suburb of Cranbourne, a small community group gathers regularly for kapa haka and other group activities to keep their connections to te ao Māori strong.

Ngā Whetu Marama a Hawaiki is a kids group that was formed under the wing of community group Te Hononga o Ngā Iwi.

The group are inspired by many kōhanga reo hits. 

One of the group's tutors, Maria Parata-Rangiawha says it's about strengthening their connection to te ao Māori.  

If you have family, or you yourself are based in or near Cranbourne, Melbourne, Te Hononga o Ngā Iwi have a publically accessible Facebook page found here: