The Māori men’s football team have got two days until the inaugural clash against the indigenous Australian team.

But their coach, Hoani Edwards, is confident they have the talent and flare to get them over the line.

“We've got a lot of good Māori players that are already in the system so this is more for the ones that I think can step up and make that next step.”

The top Māori footballers have been called up by Edwards for their historical match against The Aboriginal Indigenous side.

“When I got asked to get involved I saw it as a good opportunity for Māori players. I know that's really the meaning behind it, it is that guy's that are maybe not involved in the mainstream football in New Zealand have an opportunity to show what they can do.”

Māori football has been going for almost nine years now, but this game against another indigenous culture is a first and player Rhys Ruka says it’ll be competitive on the field but there’ll be lots of comradery off it.

“On the field, it's going to be hard but off the field, it's going to be like two families coming together, really.”

The team have only just come together yesterday with only a few days left and Edwards says they’re concentrating on quality.

“We've just come into camp today which is not ideal but I know a lot of the players from around New Zealand, talking to different coaches, so we know that we've got the quality there.”

While the team train, they will also sharpen up their plays and movements before the big game on Saturday.