Mt Kilauea in Hawaii has been spewing lava since Thursday, claiming homes, cars and other properties in its path.

The current count of buildings lost is near 50, but there've been no fatalities.

Arapata Moleni of Ngāti Koata and Ngāti Toa and his family live in Kea'au, about 30 minutes from Kilauea on Hawai'i.

He says that they're fine, but many of their friends have lost their homes.

“Some people had to leave animals behind; everyone had to leave a bunch of property behind that they worked hard for.”

Krisann Moleni says the residents of Hawaii are not ignorant of the situation as they understand that it's Pele's way.

“There's that factor that we do live on a volcano. The goddess Pele - people have posted pictures of seeing her in the lava just standing there, looking out, so it seems people are pretty moved by Pele and her role.”

The Moleni family says the residents of Hawaii will stay vigilant as they understand it's just the beginning and that the lava flow could continue for months to come.