Golden Shears - the biggest and best shearing competition in the country brings out the best of the best to battle it out on the national stage.

The Mullins family have been involved in the Golden Shears for over 15 years; the next generation of the whānau is ready to take up the shearing reins.

Koro Mullins says it's an occasion that the family loves as well as the rest of the shearing community.

“Yeah it is the Oscars of our industry; we call it the Wimbledon of our sport.”

Starting some fifteen years ago, Mullins was an organiser, but more recently he has become somewhat famous for his role as a caller.

These days though he has been moved to the back to front their broadcast.

And his old position has been filled by his son and his wife.

Although he’s given up the hosting, for now, the Mullins family will still be heard by the masses.