NZ Fashion Week is on again with its usual display of glitz and glamour. 

However, for the first time in its 18-year history, the creations of a Māori fashion designer have featured on day one.    

Ryan Turner's name will now be in NZ fashion's history book with his spring/summer collection shown yesterday is his seventh collection to date.

Turner who grew up in West Auckland says the road to becoming a high-end androgynous fashion designer was not easy.

"It's definitely not been an easy one.

"It's difficult to do something creative because there are so many long hours of sleepless nights.

"I'm excited pretty keen to see where it all goes."

The Ngāpuhi designer says being Māori helps with his designs.

"It definitely does inspire my designs and keeps me grounded and rooted."

Turner says the designs are 'unusual but pretty' and hopes audiences will like his collection.