Fresh from his trip to the UK, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters is now talking up free trade deals with all 53 countries in the Commonwealth.

Peters says there's a desire from Commonwealth countries for a free trade deal.

“There's a whole lot of excitement about that and how we might begin to put some flesh to an idea which was levelled two years ago, but since 23 June, 2016, it's become real and so that was very exciting.”

According to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Commonwealth countries have been holding discussion about boosting economic trade while in London.

“It does take a while to build the platforms for these kinds of agreements, but really starting to lay the foundation and the momentum around it, I think is at least a good starting point.”

Traci Houpapa, the chair of Federation of Māori Authorities, says there are many benefits for Māori businesses.

“Trade agreements are the lifeblood of the New Zealand economy, and as Māori business leaders, we are definitely in support of that concept.”

She also says overseas countries like trading with New Zealand.

“We have some of the best trade negotiators in the world on our side of the table. They have credibility, integrity, authenticity, and many people enjoy doing business with New Zealand.”