"It would be awesome to see more Māori in the sport of lawn bowls" says world lawn bowls champion Shannon Mcllroy.

He believes the sport accommodates for everyone, young and old. 

Mcllroy flew up to Auckland from Nelson to hold a rangatahi day of lawn bowls for a South Auckland's TKKM a rohe o Māngere.

He says it was a chance for him to share his knowledge. 

"Everyone's participating really well, full of energy, as you'd expect and have not had one person  say that they're bored so that's a positive."

Mcllroy kick-started playing the sport at five years old, a time where younger players were looked at differently by the older generation.

He says the tides have changed for the sport.

"We used to get looked at differently from the older fraternity, it was renowned as an older person sport. Back then lots have changed since then, I've seen the progression from the average age of national side have gone a lot lower now."

He has reached the heights of success, in his most recent comp, he made the quarterfinals at the 2018 GCCG and he states that there is an awesome living in this sport. 

"I've had an awesome career involved in this I get to travel the world playing a game I absolutely love so it doesn't get much better than that."

Now he's preparing himself for a tournament in two weeks and he hopes that these children carry out the sport and take it to further heights.