The Finance Minister, Grant Robertson, has promised to deliver a budget that will include a boost to health, education, housing and reducing poverty.

But National is questioning why Grant Robertson is introducing more taxes claiming it handed over the books in a healthy state.   

Robertson says that although NZ has a good economy, the benefits of that economy haven’t trickled down to everyone.

“Despite the economic growth that we've seen in recent years, many Kiwis have not seen the improvement in their living standards they would like. In fact, far too many of our people have been left out of the benefits of economic growth.”

He also says there are three key areas that will help lift the well-being of all New Zealanders.

“Budget 2018 for me is a focus on building those social foundations that are the bedrock of a productive economy, and health, education and housing areas will be our priority and you'll see the details of the amounts of expenditure on budget day.”

National leader Simon Bridges says it’s backtracking.

“It's backtracking; it's getting the expectations down in front of the budget because they have over-promised. My clear position is, it's a cop-out though I'm making the point to you they've got the money.”

The budget is due to be released May 17.