One of our largest state-owned enterprises is encouraging its staff to learn and reconnect to te ao Māori through a new course called Toi Toi. 

KiwiRail's vision is to create a network of Māori leaders across its business.

KiwiRail staff are embracing and recognising the Māori worldview and culture in their workplace with 18 staff graduating in the programme.

It's an example of KiwiRail's goal of expanding the learning and skills of staff in the company with CEO Peter Reidy leading the charge.

"I've been going through a journey with being able to pronounce the language correctly. It's been a scary journey but a journey where all of our leaders stepping into a place where they haven't been before."  

From the south to the north the trains and their people are widely seen.

They are paving the way for other companies to recognise the importance of Māori culture and language in the workplace. 

It's a challenge that they now have laid down for other companies to follow.