With a more than a decade in the industry, designer Kiri Nathan is no stranger to NZ Fashion Week.

But yesterday, the Ngāpuhi and Tainui woman had her own show for the very first time.

The Kiri Nathan label is about identity and inclusivity. 

Since the inception of her label eight years ago Nathan says she's been making a difference in the Māori fashion space and putting Māori fashion on the map.

"I felt like it was the right time. 

"I think the world has changed, people are having conversations now that they weren't having before and that's a great thing. 

"You're accountable and people have a voice and that's power."

Nathan says there is more commercial interest in Māori designs.

"We're so unique and we have that beautiful sense of nature, it's just so organic. 

"People around the world just get that and that's really exciting for all upcoming designers." 

In 2009, Nathan came through Miromoda and now paving the way for the next generation of Māori designers.

What makes Māori designers unique is that each garment has a story and traditions are kept alive through the designs.

Established and emerging Māori designers will feature in today's Miromoda showcase.