By Te Karere

A new year, a new fitness initiative is underway in Tauranga.

Owner Keepa Mewett explains, “It is a programme trying to get people kick-started, get some good habits and learn how to eat and train properly and into shape.”

Mewett thought to start a 56 day challenge at his gym, Raw Fitness, knowing many will be wanting to get fit this New Year, “Whether you are a professional athlete already or someone who has had a baby, older, a brand new person or anyone in between - we can create a programme that will push you but also stay within your limits and remain safe.”

Many have already joined and Mewett says, “In the last sort of month or so we’ve had 40 or 50 jump on board and get involved. Hopefully, that leads to people knowing how to train, how to eat and how to be healthy.”

Other than being a director of fitness, Keepa Mewett also plays rugby for the Bay of Plenty, even making the Māori All Blacks. The descendant of Te Whakatōhea and Te Aupouri thought to incorporate his rugby training into the programme, “I've always enjoyed the strength and conditioning side as much as playing and I saw some of the training at semi-professional level could be applied to the general public.”

The challenge has been laid.