Kaiti locals rallied, protested and appealed against a liquor license being granted in their neighbourhood in Gisborne.

Now they are celebrating yesterday’s news that the license has been denied.

The protest’s started last year when they put in an appeal for the liquor licence renewal at the Kaiti TAB and won although the appeal was granted by the licencing authority it didn’t end there.

Ka Pai Kaiti’s Tuta Ngarimu says an alcohol and gambling outlet in the Gisborne suburb would have has a devastating impact on whanau and children.

“We couldn’t even afford to pay for a lawyer but that didn’t faze us we saw the harm that it was causing we don’t want that.”

According to the lawyers for the owners of the tab, there was no record from police on the disorder or criminal behaviour outside of their establishment.

The authority agrees that the premises is not a tavern but is primarily a gaming venue.

Ngarimu also says this is an achievement can help lead an example for other communities.

“This is going to help other communities in Aotearoa suffering the same harm. That victory can happen for you too.”

A victory that will encourage him to continue his work trying to find ways to help the families of Kaiti and the many issues they face.