Police in Kaitaia last night began a trial of a 24-hour roster in a bid to stop early morning crime.

Police say criminals in the Far North town have been setting their alarms at 2 AM to coincide with times police clock off from work.

Since the number of incidents is happening in the early hours, local Peter Furze says residents have been taking neighbourhood safety into their own hands.

“That’s happening all over the country, it’s not just happening in Kaitaia.

“But one every day in a small town like this is not good.”

Police officer Tony Hill says the 24-hour roster is the answer to the early morning crimes.

“The 24/7 response is really going to answer all the questions that they had around.

“They know now that if they need police at any time of the day or any day of the week there’s going to be served there for them.”

Residents say house burglaries have quietened down but say car break-ins happen daily and Furze advises the community to be extra careful.

“We say this on our Facebook page all the time: lock your car, don’t leave your wallet on the dash.

“You leave yourself wide open and that’s what people are doing.”

The community welcomes the new 24/7 police service.

It’s unknown how long the trial will go for but there are high hopes the police will work alongside the