22-year-old Tokoroa raised Joseph Manu has been elevated to another level in the league world.

He’s set to make his Kiwi debut this week and the centre says he’s proud to represent his Māori and Cook Island heritage.

“I'm soaking up these moments.

“Last week was probably the best thing that's happened in my career, now a day later I get called into Kiwis camp and I’m just on the biggest high but like I know I’ve got to do a job this weekend.”

Manu also says it’s always been a dream to wear the Kiwi's jersey.

“I know I'm not going out to play today, I felt something special when I put it on.

“I put it on for my family and I know I'm making them proud and I know they are just as happy as I am.

“They are probably happier.”

His father is from Aitutaki, his mother from the subtribe of Te Kapotai and most of Manu's family members from Tokoroa flew over to Australia to watch him and the Roosters win the NRL.

No doubt busloads from Tokoroa will watch him play at this weekend test against the Kangaroos.