Beware - a series of phone and IT scams are doing the rounds.

In some cases, people are receiving unsolicited calls requesting sensitive information while others are being charged simply for being on the line.

Komene Kururangi nearly became a victim and says there are ways to identify these scams and protect yourself.

“Ko tāna i mea he PC tāku mai i a Microsoft, engari, he tangata Āporo ahau. Nā reira, tere mōhio ahau, he nanakia tēnei tangata.”

Recent months have seen scammers popping up again with the Wangiri phone scam and the fake Microsoft Help Centre scam.

Dt Sgt Damien Rapira-Davies of the NZ Police says fraudsters are cheating people out of their money.

“VOIP, where the person can be contacted by phone, a false pretence of being a technician of some and then access via remote access to a person's computer and online banking details where the fraud is then committed.”

But Kururangi was lucky that he cleverly uncovered the scam, escaping the fraudster's scam.

“Ka mea atu au ki a ia, 'e tama kei te mōhio ahau he whakataruna kei te haere, tērā pea ka waeahia te pirihimana e au, ka tukuna tō IP Address ki a rātou. Mea rawa ake, te rua hēkona, ka whakawetohia te waea. Ka kata a Komene.”

Rapira-Davies warns people to take care or risk becoming victims themselves.

“Because if they weren't aware of somebody overseas, ringing them, their phone number identifies as being from a foreign country, then you'd treat that call with a lot more suspicion. Perhaps, you wouldn't ring that back.”

Kururangi also warns that we need to look out for those who may be at risk.