Indigenous filmmakers recently visited NZ to share their experiences, ideas and work with others in this special sector.

Organiser Leo Koziol says it's to strengthen indigenous global relationships through film and storytelling. 

"When indigenous people come here from overseas they are inspired by us and then they play their films to us and we're inspired by them."

Recognising and acknowledging indigenous filmmakers is important. 

According to filmmaker Paul Judd, there are many similarities between all indigenous cultures.

"All the indigenous cultures seem like they have the same story when it comes to colonisation. There are a lot of similarities that I find as far as the value system goes in the native culture."

The Māoriland Film Festival has been collaborating with the international indigenous artist for five years. 

Indigenous film producer Chris Wong says if we can establish and strengthen our global indigenous relationships the learning outcomes will have a positive impact. 

"It's important that we get together now, especially in a global age. We can learn from each other to create a new future."

He sagely cautions, if indigenous peoples don't tell their stories, who will?