House of Shem formed in 2005 as a whānau combination of one father and his five sons, but now they are only a solid trio and they have made their mark not only nationally but internationally as well.

Father Carl Perkins says music is their passion day in day out and a statement to Māoridom.

“Take a good look at our health; you know nourishment that we put into our tinana, it will help to heal ourselves.”

Peace and Love is their latest EP which released last year and Perkins and his whānau band are heavily involved in the Rātana movement.

“The māramatanga can be a great way and vehicle for all of these things that we experience as mōrehu and as Māori because physically and spiritually there's a whole range of different things that we have got to deal with as being Māori.”

The band initially had Carl and all his five sons, which eventually reduced to a trio.

They are huge believers of Tāwhiao's saying "there is strength in unity, defeat in anger.”

But last year Perkins and his whānau were hit with some bad news.

“Eight days before my 58th birthday I was obviously diagnosed, with a couple of months to live, and not much encouragement from certain areas about what options that I had open to me and that But I'm just lucky I've got a caring whānau around me that looked into some of the options and that, and just decided not to deal with any of that. Just keep the faith.”

Despite the many challenges the future of their band is also in their thoughts.

“For Isaiah and Omeka, it's a lifetime thing for them and the mokos and their children. In ten years we hope to be on tour of Europe and sort of those places that have been embracing our waiata but never had a chance to get us there.”

House of Shem is headlining the entertainment at the NZ Meatstock Competition this weekend at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane.