Hato Petera is set to close by the middle of July when the Minister of Education is due to deliver his final verdict for the 90-year-old Māori school.

That deadline has sparked protest from whānau affiliated to the North Shore college who claim not enough has been done to keep it open.   

Protestor and Hato Petera alumni Ratahi Tomuri says they are protesting with haka in the hope that the government will hear their final pleas.

“We are here because we want to be part of that discussion we deserve the right as tangata whenua of this land.”

Last week, Education Minister ended Hato Petera's integration agreement which means, the school is set to close and the Commissioner has 28 days to gather more the final decision is made.

In April this year, the Minister initiated a consultation between the college's proprietor, the Catholic Church and the ministry. A process the whānau of the school say they excluded from.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says the HatO Petera Commissioner still has time.

"The Commissioner of Hato Petera College has three more weeks to provide any further information on the proposed cancellation of the integration agreement."

However, Tomuri says the protests won’t stop here and the incoming week they will be taking their protests to parliament.