Hato Petera College advocates met with a trio of government ministers yesterday in what appears to be a last-ditch effort to save the school.

Paoro Kanara and the wider Hato Petera whānau presented an ambitious $47 million plan to keep the college open.

"Nei ka kite tētahi māramatanga ka kite tētahi hua e taea e tātou te whakatū he kura hou ki runga i tēnei whenua." 

Another member of the Hato Petera whānau, Ratahi Tomuri, explained to Te Karere part of the masterplan.

"The masterplan really identifies and promotes a future vision for Hato Petera. 

"That's what we envisage that with this proposal were able to come out with the positive outcome for our kids in support of iwi, mana whenua, the ministry and the Auckland Diocese."

He also says the new plan has Māori self-determination at its core.

"Getting people to really understand the purpose of why we're driving for this. 

"It's not for self-benefit, it's for the future development for Māori rangatahi and if that was to be taken away how much of a detrimental effect this will have on our kids."

Minister of Education Chris Hipkins has a lot to consider but says he believes he should have a decision in the near future.

"It won't be a matter of months I do want to get something as sooner than that to give certainty to the school community.

"I do want to stay true to my word and consider the feedback I was given today and the feedback they've been giving me through other means." 

Kanara also says the school has endured a lot of hardships and he feels a new school is what's required to restore the school back to its former glory.