Timed to run in conjunction with NZ Tech Week, the first Māori technology show is now on in Hamilton.

14 Māori enterprises are participating in the inaugural event which is a showcase of te ao Māori in the digital space.

The presentations included apps for te reo Māori, apps for marae, and apps to explore the environment like AUT's creator Isaac Warbrick’s app which unites environmental cues, augmented reality and whakapapa.

“I created an augment reality app and a digital character called Manu and he pops out and tells stories of different whakapapa and history around culturally significant sites.”

Nikora Ngaropo of Motion and Design says the overall aim of the event was to change long-held Māori perceptions.

“I think the big thing is looking at the technology and the niches in the market so we can create cultural capital. That way as we move forward, we don’t forget where we come from.”

Organisers say they hope to hold the event again to show Māori what can be done today in tech.