The government has revealed details for its flagship scheme, Kiwibuild.

Under Kiwibuild the government pledges to build 100,000 affordable homes in the next 10 years.

The key criteria include couples earning up to $180,000 will be allowed to buy one of the affordable homes, for a single person, $120,000 is the income cap.  

The government says most first home buyers will qualify, but there's concern that many Māori simply doesn't earn enough to buy one of the so-called 'affordable homes.'

The opposition says that the eligibility criteria for income are too high which will make it harder for low to middle-income earners to qualify for a Kiwibuild house. 

And because the average wage of Māori is around $30,000 annually, they would need to go into a shared equity scheme in order to qualify. 

The government says they are working closely with iwi on this policy, especially those in post-settlement with available land for housing and hope to have 1000 homes ready in the first year then expand that to 5000 by 2020.