The government has announced its $100 million plan to fight homelessness.

Auckland's Te Puea Marae, which continues to house and transition those in need, set the scene for yesterday’s announcement of the government calling on more marae to come on board.

According to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Te Puea Marae is a fitting place to announce the government's package to house the homeless.

“Images of children growing up in cars sit well with no one and it’s our belief that we can and we will turn that around.”

Housing Minister Phil Twyford says of the $100M announced yesterday, $63.4M of that will be distributed to Housing First services in the country's major cities and also in the regions.

“The housing first programme houses and supports chronically homeless people and their families who are homeless with multiple complex needs.”

Yesterday's announcement was bittersweet for Hurimoana Dennis and the people of Te Puea Marae, who says that they showed by example, what it means to open the door and support those who are in desperate need.

“Kei te mōhio te motu whānui tā mātou nei mahi ki te rawakore he tohu pea ki ētahi atu marae ina ka taea rātou tū ana nā te mea ko te nuinga o rātou he whānau Māori, koinā te mamae mō mātou.”

The government is also calling on other marae around the country to contact them if they want to help.

While the doors of Te Puea Marae are still open to those in need, Dennis says they know that the cold weather is about to set in.

“Koirā te mahi a te marae he manaaki i te tangata.”

An example that will now get more support, but it is hoped that families in need will be the ones that benefit, in the government's quest to tackle the major issue of homelessness.