It's a restaurant where you have a meal and then you pay what you feel.

What's more, Gemmayze St Restaurant uses food destined for the landfill.

The model aims to feed people in need and is looking to expand.

Founder of Everybody Eats, Nicholas Loosley says the rescued food would normally go to landfill, therefore, it makes sense to feed people.

“The idea is that everybody can come. We don't ask questions who’s coming, any culture, any age, any socio-economic background, it doesn't matter.”

The company covers its expenses through its pay as you feel basis concept receiving up to $1000 of donations a week.

However, it is the value of the community that matters the most.

The business model will roll out in Avondale this week with the ultimate goal of setting up a cafe and restaurant in the hope to feed the masses every day.