By Te Karere


The year is young but 2018 is already teeing up to be a big year for women’s sevens as they prepare for the national sevens competition this weekend.


Black Ferns Sevens player Tyla Nathan-Wong says, “A lot of hard work but I'm looking forward to it and I know a lot of girls are too.”


Women's Sevens has become one of the fastest growing sports in the country, having reached new heights.


Nathan-Wong agrees by saying, “I think it was an incredible year for women's rugby in New Zealand. The Black Ferns coming away with a world cup and then us. So it was an incredible year for both teams. For us, the sevens girls we won five out of the six tournaments. I think 34 out of the 35 games, something like that. So it was an amazing year for us and we're just looking forward.”


And the progress is evident, coach Terina Te Tamaki adds, “We're really happy that we've created depth in the region to have these problems of selections and to have girls really fighting hard for spots.”


These girls have got their sights set on the future, aiming to reach new heights this year and Nathan-Wong elaborates by saying, “Women’s rugby is going to keep building and building and I hope the Black Ferns that they have been incredible role models for these young girls, and so have the Black Ferns Sevens. So if it encourages any young boy or young girl to pick up the sport of rugby and give it a go that's our job done.”


The nationals start on Saturday, where the progress of last year is set to be revealed.