Te Awe Wellington Māori Business Network seems to like the government's approach to the economy because they say it focuses on people rather than just profit. 

The group hosted Finance Minister Grant Robertson in the capital yesterday where he said his program will help not only Māori entrepreneurs, but ordinary whānau too.


"Budgets are about people; fundamentally that's what they should be about."


The Chair of Te Awe, Wayne Johnson agrees.


"I don't think there was much in there for small to medium enterprise businesses, however what he did touch on was our whānau, helping our whānau, helping our rangatahi."


Robertson adds whānau was at the centre of the budget.


"For us whānau-centred development's critical and we all know that the strength of our families their ability to be able to do the basics well is what's sets us all up to do well in business, so this budget that we've put together is about foundations and one of those is about the foundations of strong whānau."


The Finance Minister says he's also committed to growing the Māori economy, its current estimated worth, $50 billion.


"The Māori economy is part of who we are, right from the small business level right up to the iwi level as well."