The number of women in trades continues to grow, however, there is a call for more women to become mechanics.

Young mum and mechanic Elaine Pereira say there's no reason women can't fix engines.

"There's so much that goes on under the hood it's really exciting to learn."

The Māori Pasifika Trades training programme has been training Māori and Pasifika in trades for three years. 

Project Manager Sam Sefuiva says it's hard to attract Māori to the programme. 

"We're still trying to convince our people that moving into the trades is just as good as trying to get into, say, a university study programme." 

Pereira is a graduate of the programme and says she was going through hard times as a young mama when she decided to try her hand at mechanics. 

"I was on maternity leave with my pēpi, we were having car troubles and at that time I wasn't working so there was no putea coming in. I thought to myself why can't I just get out there and fix it? And that's when the light bulb when off."

Pereira also says she's one of the very few women in the field.  

"In the workshop, I have no female colleagues. It's just me and I think I may be the first person in this particular workshop to be female."

She also adds that if you are passionate about the work, nothing can stop you.  

"I'm not as physically strong as some of the boys here, but there's always another way to do it. So just adapting and being willing to give it a good go."

So ladies get on board the trades wagon, you might just like it.