A review of ethnic diversity on public sector boards has been ordered by the Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny Salesa.

The directive comes after it was revealed the government has no data relating to the ethnic make-up of such boards.

According to public sector board advisor Kaye-Maree Dunn, there is merit to holding a review on the ethnic make-up of the boards throughout NZ.

“Yes it’s important to do an analysis to see actually who are on the boards that are leading quite significant entities within Aotearoa I think that is important.”

Ethnic Minister Salesa says she's hoping that by doing a stocktake, she can eventually increase the ethnic diversity on boards. It's an approach; she believes has already paid off in regards to gender inequity.

In 2004 The Ministry of Women analysed the number of women who are on state sector boards.

The result, women now make up 45 percent of those appointed to government boards.

Dunn says it’s time to invest in governance training.

“I think we could be investing it in more diversity training around governance generally and I think that we should be taking advantage of all the training programmes that are available so that we can staircase more woman, more young people, more diverse individuals on to boards.”

Although it's not yet confirmed when a stocktake will take place, Dunn is excited to see what the results will show.