Most of the country copped bad weather over the long weekend, but none more so than residents of the East Coast region.

After a weekend of severe flooding that threatened homes and forced evacuations, people are now facing a massive clean-up of debris brought in by the floods. 

According to Tolaga Bay's Civil Defence manager James Milner, the forecast yesterday has calmed down but there are still big tasks to be done.


"The rivers and creeks have subsided quite a bit and all the logs are still there just fallen down into the creeks. It's going to be a very long process cleaning all that area up."


He says this also brings huge concerns for the farming and forestry industry on the East Coast.


"The main road up to Tauwharepārae Road which goes inland from Tolaga is going to be blocked for a while because one of the bridges has actually moved."


20 residents evacuated from their homes North of Tolaga Bay and a couple and their four-year-old granddaughter's home was heavily affected. 

Milner also says in times like this there is strength in unity.


"Everyone knows what to do, just get in and do it."


Close to 30 properties in the Arakihi Road area are still without power and the clean-up is expected to take a few weeks.