Dig My Idea is a tech innovation challenge for Māori is calling for new ideas.

Challenge is the keyword here though - those behind the initiative want to hear from Māori digital entrepreneurs who can confidently pitch a digital project that'll have a positive social impact.

One contender, Te Ahikapua Hape-Maui say’s his idea is to create an application that helps young Māori with reading disabilities.

“My idea was to design an app for people suffering from island syndrome, a disability where you're not able to process your information so it sort of keeps you at a disadvantage.”

He's one of many young Māori who could have the winning concepts at Te Hui Auaha for the Dig My Idea competition.

Organiser Te Ngaronoa Mahanga from ATEED says there's plenty of opportunity in the tech space for Māori.

“It was tech week so we wanted something Māori, so we created Dig My Idea to bring all these dig my idea applicants together who have yet to complete their submissions and bring them together into a Māori space where they can hang out and learn from other mentors.”

Funded by ATEED and supported by The Māori Womens Development Inc, the winners will receive $10,000 for their idea.

Mahanga adds that there are many employment opportunities in the technology sect for Māori.

“There are a lot of high paying jobs out there that Māori can obtain if they have the right skill set. So it’s all about programmes like dig my idea creating a foundation for them to up skill and understand that there are those sorts of opportunities out there.”

Entries for the dig my idea challenge close on the 27th of May.