He's a dancer who's collaborated with global megastars like Beyoncé and Rihanna.

But Lance Savali hasn't forgotten his roots.   

He's returned to Ōtarā to run a workshop that aims to teach and inspire the next generation of NZ dancers and says it’s quite overwhelming.

“Sometimes it’s overwhelming being around high profile people all the time.”

The humble dancer has come home to teach as well as to inspire.

“For me to come home and share my craft with all the talent back here is one of my favourite things to do, because there is so much talent here with our young youth and the dancing here is so raw and we bring a different energy then around the world, it's one of my favourite things to do.”

The Lance and Laurence workshops are being held in Australia, Mexico and America.

Savali says he wanted to have the very first workshop back in his old dancing turf in Ōtara.

“Now that I have the knowledge that I have, I feel like it's my job to be able to invest into the community here and let the dancers know and their parents and the teachers and everyone know that this is actually a career and we can also fulfil those together.”

His business partner is Australia-based Ngāti Porou and Tainui man Laurence Kaiwai.

Savali also says they both want to share their knowledge of dance to all communities around the world.

“We going to be releasing some digital content where people can learn our routines online do some dance fitness stuff, just really cool stuff to get the community involved and really drive our Pacific nation in a positive way using dance.”

Following the Lance and Laurence workshops, both will join Chris Brown for his Heartbreak on a Full Moon tour in June.